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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I'm a rescue pug originally from Hungary. I'm quite cheeky and love to play with everybody! I write about all kinds of things ranging from product reviews to walks and adventures at the vet or with family.


IDC Julius k9 Harness Review

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IDC Julius k9 Harness in Camouflage: size mini. 29,95 euros

I must admit, I really enjoy collection different harnesses and putting the to the test. After trying a step-in H harness over the summer and finding rubs in Tobi's armpits I wasn't too amused. I needed something that was easy to put on, gentle on the skin, safe to use whilst cycling.

The new Julius k9 IDC (innova dog comfort) power harness is different from the original power har because of it's slant the ergonomically follows the shoulder line which allows for easier pressure distribution from the leash.

The harness comes with a set of velcro pads saying 'Julius k9' but you can switch them out for custom made ones or store bought ones. I already own a few like bodyguard, security, ball junkie and out of control. I do plan to order a few custom ones in the near future. The IDC harness comes in a variety of colours and patterns but I went for the camouflage print as it really suited tobi's fawn and taupe colouring.

IDC Julius k9 chest piece: size mini. 8,95 euros

Along with the harness I ordered a chest piece for more pressure distribution. I sometimes go cycling with tobi and if he does end up pulling there will be less stress over just the horizontal chest area. I also need to confess that it looks pretty darn badass (hehe). The clasp on the side is nice and big so easy to open and close, even with gloves and friggid fingers in the winter. I've washed the harness a few times already and it still looks like new, so no complaints there.

The ring on the back is nice and big for easy attachment. I have had leashes in the past with big clasps on them so this would definitely been great then! The handle on the top, between the shoulders is definitely a great addition as I travel by bike and public transport a lot. People don't seem to notice small dogs right away on crowded stations so I can hoist him right up onto my hip. The same goes for hoisting him into the crate on the front of my bike.

The only real complaint I'd have is that hairs stick to the inside like crazy (but hey, I've chosen for the fury pug life) and I would prefer the closure system of the handle to be like those on the larger sizes.

I bought my IDC power harness, chest pad and 2 labels from . Shipment was super fast, they even sent it earlier when I needed it the next day.

If you head over to his instagram account (@itstobithepug) you can see the harness in action!
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Tobi VS. Texel

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I've always spent my summers (until my family sold their apartment and school got busier) at the coast and now that I have dog of my own I thought it would be perfect to get away for a mid-week right before the holidays started! We booked just about a month ago and managed to get a good deal. We were told Texel was lovely and dog friendly.

We left on a Tuesday morning and travelled a goof 2.5 hours before we arrived at our lodge. To get to Texel we had to drive all the way up north to Den Helder and take a ferry which was super exciting. Dogs we're allowed on deck with the passengers and I got to share a lovely view with Tobi. A lot of people here in Holland get super excited when they see pugs as they've become super popular after a set of TV commercials aired. 

Tobi's previous owners took him to the beach once when he was still a itty bitty pug pup but this was different. Tobi's a rambunctious monster and loves to explore the world around him. I don't have footage of his initial reaction to the silky sand but he hopped from side to side, challenging and inviting me to play with him.

Just look at that face! He got wet every day and then proceeded to dig never ending holes in the dunes when we sat down for a little picnic. He even played better than he does at home at the dog park; here's a little slowmo video of him.

He tried to climb up the steep dunes a few times, probably to explore but I called him back right away.

Tobi isn't scared of water but the waves surely were super exciting! He followed two GSP's pretty far in but soon realised it wasn't going to be easy bobbing up and down like an apple. We kept treats and a tennis ball in our bag if he ran off too far or got distracted which worked great!

There was a boarder collie in the distance which he wanted to play with so we walked on but 3 minutes into playing when he looked up to find us he couldn't see us. He stressed out ever so slightly and ran off the nearest two people which clearly weren't his owners (Silly dog!). After shouting and waving our arms and offering treats he ran back like his life depended on it.

Both Tobi and I had a great time and want to go back in september for a few more walks along the shore and lovely time off from the busy city life. I would definitely recommend going with your dog, all the restaurants have water bowls out and it's a lovely place to let out all that pent up energy 
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Rogz for Dogz Obedience Half-check Collar Review

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Like I mentioned in my previous post, some people enjoy collecting certain things. Well I recently restarted training Tobi and myself during walks and at home. Tobi had two 'problems' which both spelled trouble when I let him loose at the dog park. He wouldn't always come as called and would lead the walk instead of walking with me. This behaviour resulted in him running off at the dog park (the one we go to isn't closed off with fences) with other people and their dogs or joggers. This then lead to me having to chase him and get super frustrated which in return only made things worse.

An online friend recommended I restarted all the basics from sit to heel and start using a different tool for walks. I now seem like the crazy lady who randomly changes directions in the middle of the street and has that weird clicker but it's been helping! I have disregarded the harnesses and flexi leashes for now and ordered a semi slip/ martingale collar with a matching 140cm leash. It's such a simple tool and when used correctly can make a huge difference.

There aren't many brands that make martingale collars like this in Tobi's size. Here in Holland I've seen loads of full on choke chains and such in either huge sizes or just terrible quality. I searched online and found Rogz for dogs which I've known in the past. I used to buy their plastic ID tags and cat collars for my cats. So, let's get into the details!

I chose for their medium sized half-check obedience collar (26cm - 40cm / 1.6cm wide) and Snake leash in 140cm/ 1.6cm wide. If it were up to me I would have ordered three colours but for now I settled with the turquoise. (I still want to order the orange and brown collars for sure!)

Rogz for dogs Obedience Half-check Collar: snake, size medium. 8.95 euros 

The collar might seem on the large side but it's supposed to be a loose fit. When you correct your dog with a collar like this the movement is supposed to be swift, like a pop and release. With a half-collar the dog isn't necessarily choked like with other chokers. Usually it isn't recommended to use any kind of correction collar for brachycephalic dogs but with a half check measured, fitted and used correctly it shouldn't cause any harm to the animal.

The nylon is tightly woven and the added reflecting stitches are a great addition. I live in a bust city centre and not everybody sees a toy dog walking right next to them. I haven't seen any rubs of chaffs on tobi and the chain doesn't snag either. The collar stays on nicely and doesn't get dirty as easily as his previous collar, even after swimming and playing rough with other dogs!

Before stopping with his puppia harness and harness i practiced with his regular collar so he could get used to the idea of being corrected differently. I've had this collar for just about 3-4 days now and Tobi is walking so much nicer! He understands that if he tries to pull and/ or lead it won't be super comfortable. When he walks by my side everything remains slack which works as a reward for the dog. For the next few weeks i'll praise him when he understands the correction with the aid of a clicker and some treats, just so he really understands the idea.

Rogz for dogs Utility Snake Belt: size medium. 8.50 euros. 

The leash is a bit longer than my two previous ones but since I started walking differently it's actually been perfect. I make Tobi walk on my left side and I hold the leash in both hands. My left hand is the correcting and and my right hand just holds the rest of the leash so it doesn't drag on the ground. The leash is sturdy and just like the collar has reflective stitching.

I got both the leash and the collar from I believe I ordered on a Monday and received my order on Wednesday, which was super fast! I could have ordered a day earlier but I couldn't decide on the colour (whoops!). I definitely will order more colours in the future and actually hope to see patterns like Red Dingo and Zee.Dog make them!

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Zee.Dog Collar, Harness & Leash Review


Some people enjoy collecting stamps or the newest shoes by a certain brand, but I enjoy collecting and using different kinds of harnesses and leads. With tobi being a brachiocephalic dog and and keen on walking ahead of everything and everybody I like to use harnesses so if he pulls he doesn't choke himself. (He also has a tendency to suddenly run and jerk at the leash which kills my shoulder after his evening walk to the dog park.

It might not be much but 1% of the revenue made from each item gets donated to shelters that don't get supported by the government. Cool huh? Here in Holland it's hard to come by anything made by Zee.Dog, luckily sells a small selection of their items. The driver design/ print seems to suit Tobi quite well as he's a little speed demon when he plays with other dogs!

Zee.Dog collar: Driver, size medium. 7.99 euros.

A great sturdy collar with a nice large D-ring which feels quite hefty, great for withstanding all Tobi's excited pulling and playing! I like that I can change the size of the collar, especially because Tobi's neck roll game is increasing as he grows. I usually like a snug fit for but a tight collar on a pug looks so wrong! leash: Driver, size large. 14.90 euros.

I thought Tobi would hate a regular leash but his walking behaviour has improved soo much! Now don't get me wrong I still love the Flexi vario, but it's just not the right leash for a busy city centre and a hyper pug puppy. The big buckle is easy to use and feels sturdy.

Zee.Dog step in harness: Driver, size medium. 16.90 euros.

It's a bit more hassle to get Tobi into this harness but it's a great fit and will continue to fit well as it's adjustable at three main points (chest, shoulder and sternum). I've been able to correct Tobi without hurting him or irritating any sensitive areas, he recently had a URI which had him all stuffy and gasping for air so this was a great solution! The two d-rings at the top make sure you're pulling from a centre point above the shoulders and not off to one side.

I really like the no-nonesense packaging, sure it's nice to get a huge box with plastic to keep it in place and all but it's a waste of materials. As long as the packaging can communicate what product it is and a few basic details about it I'm perfectly content. Less is more, right?

In June Zee.Dog will be launching their online store, which has me super stoked because I really want to order the watermelon and pineapple printed items! If you sign up for their newsletter at you'll get 20% off you're order when they launch!

Toodles! x

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Pet head Dirty talk & Dry Shampoo review

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Tobi really is a low maintenance dog when it comes to grooming but considering he's wild child and likes to get dirty like the little piggy that he is. I take great care into keeping him clean and fresh, it's better for him and for cutting down on my cleaning time around the house. I rarely have to wash Tobi, unless he swam in murky water or rolled in something smelly. If it's not too bad I only wipe tobi down with a damp wash cloth and perfume free baby wipes. 

Tobi has been a bit naughty and rebellious lately when I let him off his leash. By the time I catch him/ or when he decides to be nice and come back to me, he's covered in dirt, tree sap and other filth so I like to use the I <3 Pet Head Dirty Talk shampoo. I used to use TIGI products (from the bed head collection) for my own hair and loved them so I was convinced they did great shampoo's for dogs too. 

This shampoo is super refreshing and cleansing due to it containing lemongrass and spearmint. The lather is lovely and really cleans without drying out the skin (little dogs like pugs tend to be sensitive for harsh chemicals). To really get in between every hair and down to the skin I like to use a washcloth. This not only gets right to the skin but also creates a bigger & better lather, exfoliates and increases blood circulation which stimulates for a healthy coat which is shinier and doesn't shed too quickly. 

I love to use the dry clean spray as a touch up in between baths, it just smells so sweet and fresh! I also use this when Tobi is towel dry and give him a quick blow dry in all directions for a nice soft and fluffy coat. I got it in Tobi's eyes once because he decided that he was done with all the faffing about but nothing happened. 

I got this brush a week after getting Tobi but kind of regret it. It was described at a puppy brush but it doesn't seem to do much for his coat. The only time I whip out this brush is when Tobi has dried mud patches that need quick removal. I've been looking into the Furminator, but I've heard it can actually hurt your dog's skin and remove too much hair? Tobi is slowly starting his spring shedding which has me chasing after him with a Swiffer throughout the house. 
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Hurtta harness review

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When I first got Tobi his previous owners gave him to us with a measly lead in neon green with a thin little collar that was far too small for him. Walking him from where we had parked the car to my house was super scary and annoying. Tobi kept spinning in circles and charging about which only made me feel bad. He kept choking himself due to all the excitement :( As soon as we got home we walked to the local pet store to get him a good harness. The man in the shop didn't have a large selection but what he did have in stock were these really durable Hurtta pro padded harnesses!

Brachycephalic or not, i'm a big believer in well crafted harnesses. It's a better experience for both pet and owner. Tobi is a lucky pug with a longer snout so he doesn't get winded easily. Pugs and bulldogs are generally hard to shop for as their chests are quite large in comparison to their barels. This one will always be a bit loose as long as he's a puppy but he can't escape from it so i'm happy. There's no contact or pressure on the neck, so if he decides to run until his flexi can no longer extend he can't be choked.

The harness slips right over his head and buckles up with an extra safety hook for when the buckle breaks or isn't closed yet. As you can see in the picture above there's reflective stitching. Lots of my walks (during the week) are either early in the morning or later at night, and living in the city centre is dangerous for little dogs here in Holland! All the bikes, cars, trucks and busses wizzing past don't easily see tobi without his harness.

I payed €29.95 for the harness which is a lot but with daily use for the past 3 months I haven't seen a single stitch come undone, even after hand washing it with a brush! It dries fairly quickly and is also easy to clean if your dog plays in mud or dirty snow.

If you're looking for good harnesses that are easy in use and maintenance then look for Hurtta! They do various kinds of harnesses, matching leads and even coats for real outdoorsy dogs. On their official website  they even have size charts for all breeds so no need to measure up before ordering!

Toodles x

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Puppy package exchange with The Designer Dachshund (AKA Lily)

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Long time no see! I'm so sorry for not updating you guys :-( I've been super busy with my new job and it all just disappeared. When I just got Tobi I messaged Lily's owner and she suggested we did a puppy package exchange. I immediately went to the shops and brought home a big bag full of stuff for both Jaime and Lily.

We received our packages the same week. Tobi would not stop sniffing the box and pawing it! If the dog is excited it has to be good, right? All the tape was tough to get through but with a good knife we managed. The box itself looked 'boring' but its contents was beautiful!

Just look at that paper! <3 I need to find pug stationary and paper like this.

Tobi took out the tiki and scented balls first (sidenote: as i'm writing this blogpost he is sleeping with the little green ball.) 

Tobi has been super excited about the nylabone and various balls! We're excited to try the treats by Billy + Margot and Pet Munchies! We all know how pugs are, always hungry for a snack! Thank you very much for spoiling us with all these lovely treats and toys! We hope you enjoy your puppy package too :)

Toodles! x
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